Laury Dahners' Orthopedic Page
This page has various orthopedic information and videos that are either not available or difficult to access elsewhere.

An Orthopedic Minitext

A brief (40 page) minitext for Orthopedic Medical Students


Orthopedic Pearls

A text containing "Pearls" on the practice of orthopedics that are difficult to find elsewhere
A text of tips and tricks for the percutaneous fixation of common fractures.

On Changes in Length of Dense Collagenous Tissues:
 Growth and Contracture

A summary paper covering a great deal of research done on the growth and contracture of dense collagenous tissues. Although the paper won the Kappa Delta award it is not published because almost all of its material is published elsewhere. I put it here because I have frequently been contacted by researchers wanting a summary of this information
A video demonstrating a relatively simple technique for performing hip arthroscopy which readily provides enough distraction of the femoral head from the acetabulum for good visualization. It uses a special distractor which has recently become commercially available.

Arthroscopic Hip Osteoplasty

A video demonstrating acetabular osteoplasty and femoral neck osteoplasty peformed for "hip impingement.

A video demonstrating percutaneous nailing using the same distractor used for hip arthroscopy above

Elbow instability

Elbow Restabilization Procedure

Elbow restabilized

Ankle instability

Fluoroscopic video of unstable elbow

A technique for restabilization of the "terrible triad" of posterior dislocation, coronoid fracture and radial head fracture

Fluoroscopic video of restabilized elbow

Fluoroscopic videos of unstable ankle

Tibia breaks kickboxing

Tibia breaks wrestling

Motorcycle wrecking

Videos that allow you to visualize the violence that occurs when people are injured. Provides a profound respect for the associated soft tissue injuries.

Musculoskeletal growth and development self study .ppt

Self study powerpoint shows for medical students about the musculoskeletal system and its diseases.

Upper extremity x-ray anatomy self study.ppt