Six Bits - A series of six sci-fi short stories. Interstellar war to asteroid miners to teleportation to caveman pre-history


Six Bits

Shy Kids Can Make Friends Too Not really a story, but more in the way of a self help book for children based on the famous book "How to make friends and influence people".

shy kids    


The "Ell Donsaii" series of Sci-Fi, near future high tech thrillers featuring a young heroine with a nerve mutation that makes her faster and smarter.


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Defiant Wanted Rescue Impact


A brother and sister come into telekinetic and teleportation powers in a post-apocalyptic world. Even weak abilities make an amazing difference.

telekinetic Teleporter Healers      


A socially impaired but scientifically brilliant man makes "cold fusion" - but no one believes it. Then he and his daughter enable space flight.

Vaz Tiona Disc Invaders    


A boy learns to "set bones" in caveman times. A "Clan of the Cave Bear" type of story

Bonesetter Bonesetter2      


A young woman with the power of invisibility takes on the mob...

Blind Spot #1        


Myr Sevi discovers a field that suppresses static electricity and compresses protons...

Discovery Lifter