These are all songs that I have written, many of them made much better by the help of people who record with me (my thanks to Peter Barkley, Emmanuel Kembe, Joel Keel, Mickey Mills, Robert Martin, Andy Stavas, Bernard Stokes). They have offered suggestions and added performances which have greatly improved the final versions.

If you left click a song, Windows Media Player should play it for you. You can also download it to your hard disc by right clicking and then choosing "save as" to save it to the location you want.

Audio files

Innocents Suffer (a capella) - A funeral song

Absent Friends - For those no longer with us

Babylon - Getting away from the rush of civilization ("Babylon" in the Reggae metaphor)

Before You Teach - You must have learned yourself

Breathin' the Same Air - If we could only get along

Crazy Road - Life is a strange journey

Dancin' by the Bay - Reggae about dancin' for fun

Far Away Lands - Strife around the world

Fleeting Moment - A mystical event

Freedom Dream - A protest against slavery in Sudan

Grace - Fall from grace with only a memory of her face

Invincible - Young men think nothing can hurt them

Killer on the Loose - AIDS

Lord's Prayer - Nuff said

Loved and Lost - Better than to have never loved at all

Misty Morning - Burying the hatchet with an old friend

Money - Reggae about pain in chasing the dollar

My Exultation - What a pretty girl can do to your heart

Mystic Flow - New age ponder on the mystical experience

Nora's Song - My wife, my best friend

Rage Inside - Living in the storm

Sail Away - Ah, the seafaring life

Sam Ash - What if all the "noodling" players in a music store got together?

Seven Simple Stones - We go elsewhere to do good things but sometimes bad things happen

Waiting For Peace - Will war never stop?

Would'ja Teach Me to Dance - If only I hadn't been too shy to dance!

When I Was a Warrior - Our appreciation of our soldiers is fleeting.

When You Have a Chance - A random act of kindness

Un Esfuezo Mas Lyrics by Felix Balladeres Zamora, sung by Elene Dahners about our charity surgery in Jinotega Nicaragua. Elene also sings in Wolfgang, an a capella group at NCSU

Years Tumble By - A life spent in wishing.

Young Man - A response to Neil Young's "Old Man"

Your Day - A song for a daughter's wedding

Music Videos

These are pretty large (10-20Mb) so you'll need a fast connection to download and/or play them.


Performed by local reggae artist Mickey Mills

Pray for New York

About 9/11 by Emmanuel Kembe

Skinny Boy

About child warriors in Africa peformed by Emmanuel Kembe

Waiting for Peace

Performed by Emmanuel Kembe


About the charity surgery of Operation Smile

Shen Shen

This is Kembe's video about the war in Sudan, I only helped shoot and edit the video, the song is entirely his.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

From a live concert by Emmanuel Kembe at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro NC, about what it is like to love in a time of war


This is Kembe's video about Dr. John Garand, the assasinated leader of South Sudan.

Calypso Country

Reggae artist Rolly Gray thinks about crossing over to Country Music

Dancin' by the Bay

Reggae cartoon about dancin' for fun